We are a small family run kennel, located at the country music capital of Australia in Tamworth, NSW . We have been involved with Jack Russell Terriers since 1996.


We first became interested in jacks after attending a local pet expo with the children. We were very much taken with their friendliness towards people and their great attitude towards life.

After some searching we purchased our first Jack, Minty. from these humble beginnings we have built our Kennels up to a number of these great little dogs.




All my jacks get on extremely well, and spend much of their day, running loose in the backyard, only being confined when I am away from home.

All of the jacks like nothing better then to have a game of soccer, or to go rabbiting down the lane, with my five children. My children play a very important roll in the jacks life, with the dogs responding positively to the them.




Contact Details

Beth Byrnes

Australia NSW